Board Leadership

  • The Company sets delivering the joy of eating as our corporate philosophy and our goal is to establish a business model that aims to maximize the corporate value by integrating enhancement of the business value with resolutions of social issues such as the “global environment”, “food”, and “health”, which are essential for a sustainable stable supply cycle of proteins. The Board of Directors of the Company is responsible for appropriately overseeing the formulation and execution of the Company's long-term vision (Vision 2030) and business plans which aim to realize the above goal, from the viewpoint of stakeholders including consumers.
  • For this reason, based on the long-term vision, the medium-term management plan and the NH Foods Group Fundamental Policy on Corporate Governance etc., we plotted and visualized as a skill matrix, in addition to core and fundamental skills related to overall management, the skills and experience required for members of the Board of Directors as well as the Company’s unique skills for realizing its long-term vision, such as a “consumer viewpoint”. In addition, through deliberation by the Executive Nomination Review Committee, the Company selects human resources that satisfy the requirements of each skill item in a well-balanced manner and composes the Board of Directors accordingly with consideration of diversity as well.
  Experience / Expertise
No. Inside / Outside Director Name Corporate management International experience Global environment / Sustainability Consumer perspective / Marketing / R&D Finance / Accounting Legal affairs / Quality management / Risk management
1 Inside Tetsuhiro Kito      
2 Inside Nobuhisa Ikawa        
3 Inside Fumio Maeda      
4 Inside Masahito Kataoka        
5 Outside Yasuko Kono        
6 Outside Hideo Arase        
7 Outside Tokushi Yamasaki        
8 Inside Kouhei Akiyama