Promotion System

The Group has established a Sustainability Committee with the chairperson of the Board of Directors of NH Foods Ltd. serving as chair. In principle, the committee meets at least once every quarter in order to hear the opinions of external experts and outside directors who have expertise in ESG matters and to carry out activities such as formulating sustainability policies and strategies, and checking the progress being made by each Group company. The details of these discussions are reported to the Board of Directors, which makes decisions if necessary.
As a supporting organization, the Sustainability Subcommittee materializes the strategies discussed by the Sustainability Committee and develops these into measures for the business divisions.
We have also established an Executive Committee to manage environmental measures, sustainable procurement, and the sharing of sustainability-related information, primarily among corporate back-office departments.

Sustainability Promotion Framework

Sustainability Promotion Framework

Meeting bodies

Organization Entity Role Organization Frequency
Sustainability Committee ・Development of the Group's sustainability policy and consider the strategy ・Director
・Outside Director
・General Manager of Business Division
・Audit & Supervisory Board Member / Outside experts
4 times / year
Sustainability Subcommittee ・Applies strategies decided by upper-level management meetings to business units and Group companies ・Director in charge of Sustainability
・Business division general managers
・Head of Departments and Sections
4 times / year
Working Meeting environmental measures ・Discusses and recommends key themes based on the environmental policy
・Manages medium- and long-term environmental goals
・Addresses environmental information-related disclosure regulations (TCFD, TNFD, etc.)
・Director and personnel in charge of related departments 10 times / year
sustainable procurement ・Enhances the sustainability of procurement activities and the effectiveness of sustainable procurement ・Managers and personnel in charge of related departments 7 times / year
sharing of sustainability-related information ・Shares information among corporate related departments to prevent business risk and to build resilient systems
・Addresses human rights due diligence
・Corporate related departments 5 times / year

Composition of the Sustainability Committee

As of June 2024

Position Name Role
Chairperson and Director Tetsuhiro Kito Committee Chairperson
President and Representative Director(President and CEO) Nobuhisa Ikawa Committee Member
Director and Vice President; Executive Vice President Masahito Kataoka Committee Member
Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer Fumio Maeda Committee Member
Director and Managing Executive Officer Kohei Akiyama Committee Member
Director (Outside) Yasuko Kono* Committee Member
Director (Outside) Tokushi Yamasaki* Committee Member
Managing Executive Officer Yukihiro Matsumoto Committee Member
Executive Officer Tadaaki Ito Committee Member
Director of Sustainability Department Keiko Haruhata Committee Member
Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Outside) Shigeru Nishiyama* Observer
Managing Executive Officer Nobuo Oda Observer

* Independent officers

Outside Experts

Position, Name of the company Name Role
Advisor, CSR & Global Environment Center, Daikin Industries, Ltd. Satoru Fujimoto Committee Member
Satoshi Okazaki Certified Public Accountant Office Satoshi Okazaki Committee Member
Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health,School of Medicine, Keio University part time lecturer Itsuko Horiguchi Committee Member
President and Representative Director, FREX HOTEL Tsutomu Nakanishi Committee Member