Group Brand

The NH Foods Group Brand Pledges

The NH Foods Group has the following "Group Brand Pledges" as the mission that the group companies must accomplish.

They are the pledges we give to our customers and society, and the values that must be shared by all the employees of the NH Foods Group.

Our aspiration with the design

"N" and "H" have been unified into "NH"
Tender arc

"N" and "H" have been unified into "NH"

Unifying "N" and "H" symbolizes the Group's full unify and all people with whom we have relationships.
Featuring a shape that blends together the images of stability and softness, the new logo conveys the Group's aspiration to share the pleasures of good eating and the joys of health with people around the world through the reliable quality of its products and services.

Tender arc

The "Tender arc" incorporates the gentle and warm image of the light of the sun as it rises above the horizon, expressing the Group's determination to take on the challenge of entering a new growth stage.
This image, of the gentle and warm sun that surrounds the Earth conveys the "Joy of Eating" to the people of the world.

Future Orange

Bright future created by exploring the frontiers of food.

Hearty Red

The warmth and affinity we have for all people.