Coexisting (Communities) with Regions

As a member of the local community in each location the NH Foods Group conducts business, and as a good corporate citizen, we engage in proactive communication to contribute to the sustainable development of communities. We consider what the Group can do and what we are asked to do, so that we can move forward in tandem with local communities.

Supporting Child Poverty Intiatives

In Japan, there is a community called "Kodomo Shokudo" that provides meals to children for free or with low price.
As NH Foods Group, we are continuouly donating food to Kodomo Shokudo.

Participation in Local Events

Japan has numerous traditional events with deep and long-standing local ties. NH Foods Group business sites, which are located in various regions throughout Japan, deepen their interactions with local residents by taking part in these events. For example, in Tokushima Prefecture, the location of the Group’s origins, about 200 employees formed the Nipponham Team, a dance group, to participate in the Awaodori, an event that has been held for approximately 400 years.
We will deepen our ties with local communities and continue to play a role in regional promotion in the future.

Cleanup Activities

Japan is blessed with abundant nature woven by the four seasons. The Group, which conducts its business in this midst of the blessings of nature, ferments and decomposes the manure produced by livestock in its operations for recycling as compost and fertilizer. This compost and fertilizer is used for local cultivation of flowers and vegetables.
Other programs include cleanup activities conducted by individual business sites in the vicinity of their offices and at local rivers and beaches, continuously undertaking local environmental preservation.