We will strive to solve social issues through our business and contribute to the formation of a sustainable society by promoting both our business strategy and our sustainability strategy through the resolution of the Materialities.

The Five Materialities (key issues)

Under the basic theme of the “joy of eating,” the NH Foods Group’s corporate philosophy is to create a culture that marks an epoch and contributes to society.

Companies are expected to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by linking their business activities to the resolution of social issues. Thus, the NH Foods Group formulated its Vision2030 and identified the material issues that the Group addresses with priority, by making use of its strengths. We hope to contribute to the resolution of various social issues in advancing our ef forts of Vision2030 “Unleash new potentials for protein.”

1. Stable procurement and supply of proteins

Global population growth, climate change, and other factors are expected to make it increasingly difficult to supply proteins. The NH Foods Group aims to ensure the stable procurement and supply of proteins. In addition to existing quality-related safety and reliability initiatives, we will advance efforts to supply diverse proteins through consideration for the environment and social aspects such as human rights and animal welfare in our supply chains.

2. Food diversification and health

Changes in lifestyle and other factors are leading to the need for diverse solutions in the area of food as well. The NH Foods Group will contribute to a happy and healthy life by developing products and providing services that meet diverse needs.

3. Contributing to a sustainable environment

We face various environmental issues such as climate change, food loss, and marine plastic litter. The NH Foods Group’s businesses involve bringing our customers the bounty of nature, and we are determined to help solve issues such as greenhouse gases, food loss, and plastics throughout the value chain.

4. Co-creation and shared prosperity with local communities and society as a whole through food and sports

As a good corporate citizen, the NH Foods Group aims to be an enterprise loved and trusted by local communities and society as a whole, as we walk and grow together, deepening ties formed through food and sports.

5. Employee development and respect for diversity

The NH Foods Group aims to be a place where employees can feel truly happy and fulfilled. Based on a deep respect for individuals, we strive to create workplaces where employees can thrive and demonstrate their unique strengths.