Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification

The Group has established environmental management systems based on ISO 14001.

Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification

The Group is working to acquire certification under ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems, as a foundation for its environmental preservation activities (as of March 2020).

Sites with certification in fiscal 2020: 27

Percentage of certified sites: 4.7%

Note: The number of business sites is as of April 2020

Business Site or Group Company Name Location
NH Foods Ltd.
Sustainability Department
Communication Strategy Division
Isahaya Plant

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Kyodo Food Products Co., Ltd. Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture
Japan Assorted Business Services Co., Ltd.
Aomori Plant

Oirasecho, Aomori Prefecture
Nippon Luna, Inc.
Kyoto Plant
Takasaki Plant
Metropolitan Tokyo Branch
Chubu Sales Office

Kita-ku, Osaka
Yawata City, Kyoto Prefecture
Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Naka-ku, Nagoya City
Nipponham Processed Foods Ltd.
Kanto Plant
Kansai Plant
Kuwana Plant

Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture
Kisosakicho, Mie Prefecture
Nipponham Delicatessen Ltd.
Hokkaido Factory
Niigata Factory
Miyazaki Factory
Product Development Division

Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture
Ebetsu City, Hokkaido
Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture
Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Nipponham Southwest Ltd.
Headquarters Plant

Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture
Hyuga Agricultural Processing Co., Ltd. Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture
Nipponham Northeast Ltd.
Yamagata Factory

Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture
Nipponham Hokkaido Factory Ltd. Asahikawa City, Hokkaido
Nipponham Factory Ltd.
Ibaraki Plant
Shizuoka Plant
Nagasaki Plant
Tokushima Plant
Hyogo Plant

Chikusei City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Yoshidacho, Shizuoka prefecture
Kawatanacho, Nagasaki Prefecture
Ishiicho, Tokushima Prefecture
Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture
Thai Nippon Foods Co., Ltd. Ayutthaya Province, Thailand