Pollution prevention initiatives

As prescribed in the NH Foods Group Environmental Policy, the NH Foods Group appropriately manages environmental management systems, works to prevent pollution, and as necessary, sets voluntary standards and implements measures to reduce and prevent pollution.

Use of CFC-Free Refrigerants

NH Foods Group has been promoting the use of CFC-free refrigerants as its distribution bases as an effort to reduce the environmental burden.

Measures at Nippon Logistics Center, Inc.

To protect the freshness and quality of the products entrusted to us by our customers in Japan and abroad, Tokyo Business Sites and Kansai Business Sites of Nippon Logistics Center, Inc. has refrigerators and freezers which can be precisely control temperature and humidity. The cooling system of refrigerators and freezers uses an environmentally friendly ammonia refrigerant to prevent global warming and ozone depletion.

Operations at Nippon Logistics Center’s Tokyo Business Site began in April 2003.

Operations at Nippon Logistics Center’s Kansai Business Site began in February 2002.

Measures at Nippon Daily Net Co., Ltd.

Nagoya 2nd Center, built in May, 2020, has installed NewTon from Maekawa MFG. Co., Ltd. which is CFC-free refrigeration units using natural refrigerants. This system uses an indirect cooling method that uses ammonia refrigerant to cool CO2, which does not only contribute to ozone layer depletion or global warming, but also provides excellent energy-saving performance.

What is CFC-Free Refrigerant?

Specific chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs) were commonly used as a refrigerant for refrigerators and freezers. CFCs has been used as a refrigerant because chemically, it is extremely stable, easy to handle, and also has low toxicity to the human body. However, the impact of CFCs on the global environment, such as the depletion of the ozone layer became apparent so a shift is being made to replace them with alternative refrigerants that has less impact. On the other hand, although CFCs do not have an ozone layer depleting effect, they do have a high greenhouse effect and are known to have an impact on global warming. So using natural refrigerants are recommended, such as ammonia and CO2, because it has extremely low greenhouse effect.