Natural Environment Preservation Activities

In order to preserve the beauty of the earth for future generations, we are working with local communities and relevant organizations and groups to create a sustainable society.

Coral Reef Preservation Activities

The Group is involved in the meat, processing, and fisheries businesses in Okinawa Prefecture. A coral reef restoration program was launched in 2012 to help preserve biodiversity in the prefecture.
Coral reefs account for about 0.2% of the area of the oceans but support the lives of about one-fourth of all marine organisms. In order to expand coral reefs in Okinawa Prefecture in the future, we are transplanting coral under the supervision of experts as well as supporting researches and activities of preserving original species of Pavona decussate . To date, 340 coral fragments have been transplanted. In the future, the Group will continue its efforts to preserve the ocean environment as a whole.

Classes on Coral

At a class taught by Koji Kinjo, who has succeeded in spawning eggs of cultivated corals, participants learn about the roles and importance of coral, the differences between a coral reef and coral, and the connection between coral and our lives.

Transplanting Coral in the Ocean

The corals that have been raised at the onshore facility are individually planted in the ocean through manual work performed by divers. If the transplanted corals thrive, they will spawn in their second spring, creating future generations of coral.

Minna no Mori Activities

The Group uses the Corporate Forest program sponsored by the Forestry Agency to conduct Minna no Mori (forests for everyone) forest development activities with customers, employees, and employee family members.
Forest preservation activities including pruning trees and thinning undergrowth are conducted in forests at two locations in Japan (Seto Jokoji Temple and Mount Tsukuba).

Participation in Afan Woodland Restoration Activities

A view of the Afan Woodland

The Group sympathizes with the aspirations of the C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trust and has continuously provided support since 2006, participating in forest restoration activities at the Afan Woodland in Shinanomachi, Nagano Prefecture.
In addition, timber from tree culling at the Afan Woodland is used as smoke chip materials for the preparation of some products.

Fledged owls in the Afan Woodland

The C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trust listens to the voices of the forest while purchasing deteriorated forests and restoring forests with an eye toward biodiversity. The trust conducts activities with a vision of expanding forests with high biodiversity throughout Japan and creating a healthy, peaceful, and spiritually enriching society while restoring spirits to bring smiles to the faces of children through abundant forest environments.
The Group is in agreement with these aspirations and has provided support for Afan Woodland activities as an official sponsor since 2006, participating in the development of forests with abundant wildlife.