As an official sponsor of KidZania Tokyo and KidZania Koshien, facilities that enable children to experience work and social participation just like at a real job, NH Foods Group is sponsoring the "Sausage Factory " establishment, where children can experience being a sausage maker.Kidzania Japan

Kidzania Japan

Sausage Factory Establishment
Learning About the Importance of Food by Making Sausage

At the sausage establishment, children become sausage makers and by making real sausage, they learn the keys to making delicious sausage as well as the importance of proper hygiene when handling food.

The establishments were created to give children opportunities to experience not just the joy of making food, but also to learn feelings of gratitude for the gift of life and about the importance of food. The establishments contribute to a fun and healthy growth of the children.

Summary of Activities

Comments from Participants

3 year old girl

I wanted to turn the handle more times.

5 year old boy

I want to eat good sausages, so I will work hard to knead it.
I did a good job today and made some delicious sausages.

7 year old girl

It was fisrt time for me to make sausages but it was so fun.
I will definitely come back next time I'm in KidZania.

9 year old boy

I didn't know that sausages skin was made out of sheep intestines!
The sausages were so soft when it was attached to the machine, but when it was smoked and boiled, it became very crunchy. There are so many mysterious things about making sausages.

14 year old girl

Now that I know the life of pigs and sheep are used to make sausages , I will try to eat it with appreciating the life of those animals from now on. Other foods also contains the life of various animals, so I will remember to be grateful for other foods as well.

Comments from a Staff at the Koshien Establishment

I feel a sense of fulfillment when I see the smiling faces of the children as I work with them every day. The children place the meat that they kneaded into the casing and later try the SCHAU ESSEN sausage. The parents are also very happy when they see their children beaming as they eat the sausage. I look forward to conveying the fun of sausage making and the joy of eating so that children and their parents can feel happy.

Comments from a Staff at the Tokyo Establishment

The feel of kneading raw meat and packing it into casing is a novel experience that children have few opportunities to come across. I hope that by making real sausage with particular attention paid to the ingredients and the machinery, the children feel gratitude for the gift of life and its significance each time they eat a meal.