Factory Tours

The Group conducts factory tours throughout Japan so that customers can experience first-hand the safety, security, and great taste of our products.

Nipponham Factory Ltd.

At Nipponham Factory, which manufactures ham and sausage, visitors are told about quality control systems and areas of particular attention during the production process in an effort to deepen appreciation for food.

Kamakura Ham Tomioka Co., Ltd.

The Kamakura Ham Tomioka head office factory has a facility that can be freely observed by the general public with “learn, see, experience, and enjoy” as the theme. An historical archive presents the history of Kamakura Ham Tomioka, which extends more than a century, and sausage making workshops are conducted from April to October (reservations are required). Visitors can also observe scenes of product manufacturing along the tour route.

Note: It may not be possible to observe manufacturing depending on the day of week (e.g., on Sundays and certain other days). Products can be purchased at the Kamakura Factory Store, and there is also a dining area.

Nipponham Hokkaido Factory Ltd. Hakodate Carl Raymon Plant

At Hakodate Carl Raymon, which has inherited traditional German manufacturing techniques, visitors can watch through windows to observe manufacturing such as cutting of raw meat, sorting and weighing, and inspection of wiener sausage continuously extruded from filling machines. During the tour, visitors can also watch a video that recreates the times of Carl Raymon and observe exhibits of the smoke house that he loved, cutters, and other items.

Factory Tours to See Various Products

In addition to ham and sausage manufacturing factories, tours of the factories of each Group company are conducted in response to requests from local residents, schools, and others.

Nippon Luna, Inc., which manufactures yogurt, fermented milk beverages, and other products, conveys feelings regarding yogurt and details of its business through explanations of the manufacturing processes, taste testing of products, and other activities conducted during factory tours for local elementary schools.

Also, Nipponham Southwest Ltd., located in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture, collaborates with local universities and elementary and junior high schools to accept groups for tours and conducts in-class lessons. In addition to explaining about the products manufactured by the company, efforts are also made to encourage students to be aware of and consider various environmental problems relating to the nearby global environment by explaining environmental initiatives such as processing of factory wastewater. Going forward, the Group will continue to engage in communications with as many people as possible with the aim of being company selected by local residents.

Nippon Luna, Inc.
Nippon Luna, Inc.