Effective Use of Water Resources

Improvements in wastewater treatment capacity

Nipponham Southwest Ltd. has installed micronano bubble generators in an effort to improve wastewater treatment capacity. Hydrogen sulfide concentrations has been reduced from an annual average of 5.3 ppm before installation to 2.4 ppm after installation, and odor has been reduced as well. The company had previously been contracting the treatment of blood in butchery wastewater, but is now able to purify it using its wastewater treatment facilities. (45 tons/month)

Preserving Water Environments through Collaboration between Industry, Academia, and Government


The CTAGUA logo

Breeders & Packers Uruguay S.A. (BPU), which operates the Group’s beef business in Uruguay, has been a member of the CTAGUA* water resource research project conducted through collaboration among government, businesses, and universities since May 2017. The project’s objectives are to contribute to improvement of water processing and resolution of water-related issues, and promote water resource-related science and technology in collaboration with Uruguayan companies. For the project, BPU’s contributions as a beef packer include research on improving wastewater purification technologies, promoting the reuse of wastewater, and using water as a disinfectant. In the future, the company will continue its efforts to preserve water environments in collaboration with local communities.

Note: Centro Tecnologico del Agua: Water Research Center