Research & Development

Since starting operations as a producer of hams and sausages, the NH Foods Group has broadened its operations to offer various food ingredients and products, including many processed foods, marine products, and dairy products. On top of the great taste of its products, the Group has added pleasure, joy, and health by expanding into such future growth areas as the health food market.
The Group's central research institute, the NH Foods Ltd. Research and Development Center (RDC), has explored new areas under the banner of food safety and security, foods and ingredients that enhance health, and the development of high-quality fresh meat production technologies that enhance taste.

Research to Ensure Food Safety and Security

The RDC was swift to deploy highly accurate testing and analysis technologies.
It has developed techniques to swiftly analyze hazardous substances in foods. It successfully developed a quick method to simultaneously and very accurately detect numerous residual pesticides and veterinary drugs, contributing to the safety of Group products.
The RDC has also innovated food sanitation-screening techniques based on immunotechnologies. Leveraging its food allergen test kit, it offers food inspection reagents, including inspection kits for hazardous microorganisms. The RDC has developed and sold inspection kits whose performance has earned strong public recognition. They include a food allergen identification kit that complies with the guidelines of the Consumer Affairs Agency. Other examples are a mycotoxin detection kit that complies with a Ministry of Heath, Labour and Welfare notification code, and a verotoxin test kit that is listed in that code.

R&D: Food and Ingredients that Support Good Health

The RDC has capitalized on NH Foods Group's biological resources to develop and commercialize food and ingredients that support good health and beauty. Offerings include imidazole dipeptide-rich extracts that help alleviate fatigue, as well as collagen and placenta extracts. After scientific assessments of the safety and effectiveness of such raw ingredients, not just by NH Foods Group companies, food producers around Japan use the substances in processed and health foods.

Developing Production Technologies that Enhance the Quality and Taste of Fresh Meats

The RDC’s efforts extend to research that scientifically evaluates the taste and quality of fresh meat, assisting the development of brand-name fresh meats and other products. The RDC has cultivated brand-name fresh meats offering new value. One such outcome is a line of whey-fed pork from Hokkaido. Whey is a cheese by-product resulting from the process of making natural cheese from milk. This is an example of our efficient use of resources.
To promote livestock health, we commercialized a technology to quickly diagnose livestock disease and a lactic acid probiotic that accelerates growth in pigs, and we are researching feed that enhances immunity.