Approaches to Society (Nipponham Foundation)

Nipponham Foundation

The Group has been undertaking food allergy related initiatives since 1996 to provide the joy of eating to individuals who have food allergies.
The Nipponham Foundation was established in January 2015 to focus on food allergy-related issues with the aim of using experience and management resources accumulated over many years to solve social issues and improve the environment. The foundation was certified as a public interest incorporated foundation in April 2017. It provides grants for food allergy research and conducts educational activities.

Nipponham Foundation

Food Allergy Research Grants

Since fiscal 2016, the foundation has provided grants to research groups and researchers nationwide conducting research through an open application system (joint and individual research) with the aims of promoting further advances in food allergy research and solving allergy-related problems. Joint research is intended to promote research that integrates different fields such as medicine and food science, while individual research seeks to support and foster young researchers who are conducting food allergy related research.

Overview of Research Grants

Grant recipients are screened and selected through an open application system. A Research Grant Screening Committee made up of experts conducts fair screening of the research topics and other matters based on screening criteria, and the foundation’s Executive Committee makes the final decisions.

  Grant Amount Number of Research Projects Timing of Grants Provision
Fiscal 2016 (actual) ¥63.23 million 25 projects April 2016
Fiscal 2017 (actual) ¥56.87 million 19 projects April 2017

Food Allergy Educational Programs

The Nipponham Foundation conducts a variety of programs for persons with food allergies and their families, healthcare workers and researchers, persons in the food services industry, local governmental bodies, school workers, and others who have an interest in food allergies.
The “Allergen-Free Cooking Contest,” which is intended to convey and advance techniques for cooking allergen-free foods, collects ideas that have been created by individual families, and the winning recipes are made available to the general public by posting them on websites and through other means. In addition, the foundation publishes pamphlets with recipes, holds food allergy seminars for nutritionists, registered dieticians, and others, and implements other measures to increase public understanding.

The first place winning recipe of the third contest in the general category Cheese and crispy flake rice croquettes

A food allergy seminar