Information Dissemination

We strive to disseminate accurate information and educate the public to help people who suffer from food allergies. The Food Allergy Net, operated by NH Foods Ltd. since 2003, provides videos of allergen-free recipes. The number of recipes that use allergen-free processed foods is being increased under the supervision of a pediatric allergy educator* who is a registered dietician with the hope that we can reduce the day-to-day dietary burdens of users.
In addition, the Nipponham Foundation publishes a booklet that contains recipes, holds seminars for nutritionists and registered dieticians, conducts allergen-free cooking contests, and undertakes other measures to increase public understanding.

Note: A specialized allergy co-medical certification program certified by the Japanese Society of Pediatric Clinical Allergy

Food Allergy Net Information Website

NH Foods Ltd. launched the Food Allergy Net website in 2003 with the hope of providing food allergy-related information to as many people as possible and to relieve the burdens of food allergies to the extent possible.

The site provides a wide range of information including videos of allergen-free recipes and specialized information relating to food allergies prepared with the cooperation of experts.

We also receive several thousand comments from users via the Food Allergy Net website each month, and we make use of those opinions in various initiatives including the development of products.

Allergen-Free Recipe Booklet

The Group has undertaken a variety of initiatives relating to food allergies since 1996 with the aim of providing the “Joy of Eating” to many people. One aspect of these initiatives is the provision of “Safe Recipes,” allergen-free recipes from the Food Allergy Net website.
A booklet with the recipes was also published so that they can be used by a large number of people.

Favorite Recipes for People with Food Allergies: Delicious and Healthy Snacks and Meals

Many families with children who have food allergies are concerned and worried about meals becoming overly repetitive and maintaining good nutritional balance. We have received numerous requests regarding desserts and snacks for children in particular.

In response, the NH Foods Ltd. Research & Development Center added new recipes for desserts and snacks, for which there had been many requests, to some of the “Safe Recipes” posted on the Food Allergy Net website in the past and published the “Favorite Recipes People with for Food Allergies: Delicious and Healthy Snacks and Meals” book.

The book also contains tips for cooking and other information. It is our hope that these recipes will be useful in day-to-day cooking and preparation of enjoyable snacks.

Everyday Delicious Meals for Children with Allergies

From the numerous comments that we receive on the Food Allergy Net website each month, we have come to understand that a large number people experience significant trouble with day-to-day meals, and it was our hope that they would make greater use of the recipes posted on the website. In 2006, The Orangepage Inc. published a recipe book with a collection of recipes b ased on the “Safe Recipes,” with the aim of making them accessible to even more people.

This recipe collection was prepared with the cooperation of the NH Foods Ltd. Research & Development Center. It contains information in addition to recipes with the hope that it will provide some hints to making everyday meals and snacks more enjoyable.