Organizational Growth

The main focus of "organizational growth" is to strengthen the ability to create value. This helps to integrate diverse strengths and foster the ability to create even greater value. We also practice the Human Resource Management Cycle and Leadership Development as ways of strengthening our organizational capabilities,.

Human Resource Management Cycle

To achieve the "NH Foods Group's Ideal Human Resources Sought," we organically operate a PDCA cycle that covers recruitment, education and training, evaluation and treatment. We also offer transfers and assignments to support the growth of both the individual and the organization.

Ideal Human Resources Sought by NH Foods
Human Resource Management Systems

Leadership Development

In leadership development, we work within the frameworks of "executive talent," "management talent," and "professional talent", based on the theme of acquiring and developing human resources who can lead value creation in their respective fields.

Definition of personnel

Executive talent Talent who lead the group in improving productivity, strengthening organizational capabilities, and creating value throughout the group with the aim of increasing the group’s value
Management talent Talent who can provide leadership for the improvement of organizational/functional productivity, enhancement of organization potential, and value creation
Professional talent Talent who can provide leadership for the creation of added value promotion of innovation through the use of specialist skills

Recruiting Human Resources

In order to secure diverse human resources that relate to the Group’s Corporate Philosophies and can participate actively, we carry out recruitment activities that closely reflect changes in the environment and the needs of the people we are looking to recruit.
We also actively recruit mid-career employees all year round so that we can secure personnel who have advanced expertise and wide-ranging experience.

We are enhancing initiatives such as online company briefings and interviews
We are enhancing initiatives such as online company briefings and interviews

Education and Training

Training, etc.
● Training programs for each level of employee
● Training programs with specific objectives (voluntary)
● Training programs for promotion
● Training programs for nextgeneration executive development


● OJT (practical experience at workplaces)
● Management by objectives (MBO)
● Career counselling
● Self-reporting system

In regard to employee education, in addition to offering a variety of training programs for each level of employee, NH Foods Ltd. is also enhancing Purpose-Based Human Resource Development Training in order to encourage individuals to self-direct their careers. In training for each level of employee, we are working to improve management ability in order to strengthen on the job training* (OJT) within an employee’s everyday work.
We are also carrying out selection-based training for each level in order to cultivate next-generation executives.

We have also introduced Dimension (a tool that applies numerical values to various ability requirements derived from the Ideal Human Resources Sought by the NH Foods Group) in order to appropriately assess employee growth and we also implement a PDCA cycle to measure the effects of our training and education efforts and gauge whether they are helping employees to grow.

Note: Developing skills through actual work experience.

Appropriate Assessments and Benefits, and Feedback

We think that the goal of human resources assessment is to develop employees. Its main function is to encourage the development of employees’ abilities and guide them to the most appropriate behavior for their work through methods such as aptitude reviews that assess ability and performance reviews that assess the results of work. Therefore, taking a one-sided approach that an employee is only informed of the assessment result is unlikely to engage said employee, making it difficult to achieve the goal of development.

Objective Assignment and Promotion Processes

We are clarifying the standards and process to promote employees or assign them to certain roles. As important human resources matters that have a direct impact on management and operations, promotions and assignments have to be transparent. Also, as a promotion is an important decision in an employee’s career, we will help employees to direct their own careers by making the conditions for promotion clear.