Promoting Workforce Diversity

Promoting Workforce Diversity

Basic Views

One of the NH Foods Group’s corporate philosophies is for the company to be a place where employees can feel truly happy and fulfilled.
We believe that the ability of employees with diverse values to fully exhibit his or her capabilities leads to Group growth and development and contributes to society. The Group strives to create workplaces that motivate diverse human resources.

Ideal Human Resources Sought

The Group formulated “Ideal Human Resources Sought by the NH Foods Group” in 2013 as a policy and guide to growth for carrying out its corporate philosophies.
We believe that by indicating the ideals that employees should pursue as their objectives and positioning them as clear growth targets, everyone will be able to carry out their work duties while feeling a sense of growth.

The Group places Ideal Human Resources Sought that it seeks at the root of its human resource management systems, and undertakes human resource development for all Group employees.

Ideal Human Resources Sought by NH Foods
Human Resource Management Cycles

Overview of human resources strategy

NH Foods Group aims to "maximize corporate value" by pursuing the "increase of social value (non-financial value)" and "increase of business value (financial value)" in order to realize our corporate philosophy. Under our human resources strategy, we will identify a path to linking the abilities of "individual employees" to "corporate value", and focus on fostering an organizational culture focused on new challenge of maximizing human resources. In order to achieve this, we have set "Personal growth," "Organizational growth," and "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)" as the three initiatives of our human resources policy.

Main Initiatives

Parsonal growth

Organizational growth

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion(DE&I)


We have established measurement indices and set goals to promote initiatives as part of efforts to ensure the success of our diverse human resources. (applicable to NH Foods Ltd.)

  Measures Measurement indices FY2023 Results FY2030 Target
Personal growth Fostering an oganizational culture in which people can take up new challenges Percentage of positive responses in employee surveys 66.5% At least 80%
Improvement of work motivation Percentage of positive responses in employee surveys 66.7% At least 80%
Organizational growth Strategic recruitment Ratio of mid-career recruitment 8.9% At least 15%
DE&I Promoting active participation by women Percentage of female managers 10.7% At least 20%
Percentage of female managers and supervisory 24.1% At least 35%
Promoting employment of people with disabilities Employment rate of People with disabilities 2.6% At least 2.7%
Reducing total working hours Total working hours 1,968 1,870
Hours of Overtime work 225 200
Support Mental and physical health Rate of follow-up action after physical examinations 83.5% 100%
Ratio of smokers 25.6% 12%

Promotion Systems

The NH Foods Ltd. Human Resources Department plays a central role in collaborating with Group companies.
To promote this, we will conduct quantitative and regular monitoring of the situation and carry out KPI management while implementing a PDCA cycle. In addition to setting common KPIs for all Group companies in Japan, we are also setting personnel measures and KPIs according to the personnel issues of each company, and are working to achieve these goals. Furthermore, overseas group companies have established priority issues to address that take into account the different circumstances in each country.

Future Initiatives

In order for the Group to continue to grow and develop sustainably, we believe it is necessary to foster a corporate culture in which employees can take on challenges, and create a structure in which employees can develop and grow, thereby enhancing their job satisfaction and motivation to work.
In addition, as values diversify and the pace of social change accelerates in the future, various ways of "co-creating" will become necessary. We will promote our measures by enhancing individuals’ strengths, taking on the challenge of "creating value together," both internally and externally, and creating an organization at which each and every one of our diverse employees can play an active role.