Reducing Packaging

Reducing CO2 Emissions from Packaging Materials

We are confronted by the issue of how to maintain a good balance between maintaining quality and environmental issues including final waste disposal sites and depletion of resources with regard to the containers and packaging used with the products that we supply to customers.
Appropriate packaging is essential for ensuring safety and maintaining the freshness of products, but once the products are consumed, that packaging becomes waste material. The Group is focusing on these circumstances, examining what we should do with regard to containers and packaging, and taking action.

Simplifying Packaging to Reduce Waste

We use trays to maintain the integrity of products and other packaging to maintain freshness and flavor. The NH Foods Group explores ways to simplify packaging to retain freshness and flavor while reducing the consumption of packaging materials.

Product example This is Convenient series of ham products (raw ham) We modified the pack thickness and width to reduce the packaging film weight.Ishigama Kobo chilled pizza series We reduced the amount of plastic in trays by 34%*. * Compared to earlier Group products (fiscal 2012)

Chuka Meisai The Group is taking measures to reduce containers and packaging by reducing labels, making packaging film thinner, and other means. The packaging (a tray and exterior film) for Chuka Meisai(R) Subuta (sweet and sour pork) was made lighter, resulting in a 24% reduction in packaging weight in fiscal 2017 compared to fiscal 2003.

Report on Outsourcing of Container and Packaging Reuse

Japan’s Containers and Packaging Recycling Law, requires companies that use containers and packaging to reuse those materials. The Group outsources the recycling of materials into products to the Japan Containers and Packaging Recycling Association and pays recycling outsourcing fees according to product manufacturing and sales volumes.

Contracted year Projected waste packaging volume (t) Year used as basis for projected volume under contract
Plastic Paper Glass PET
Fiscal 2018 7,188 54 547 0 Fiscal 2016
Fiscal 2017 7,735 41 509 0 Fiscal 2015
Fiscal 2016 12,661 933 1,454 0 Fiscal 2014

Note: The projected waste packaging volume is based on production and sales results two years earlier.